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Military: Utrecht

city of Utrecht hired mercenaries to fight against the contra-remonstrants. But then the general felt touched in his position, invaded Utrecht and sent the mercenaries home. In the year of 1672 Utrecht was invaded by the French who exploited Utrecht its economy. The army of Utrecht was very small and it didn’t even comThe Roman general Corbulo build an interconnected system of castles in the year 47. He built these castles in the province of Utrecht along the Rhine. He did this because he had to protect the area from invading enemies from the north. Furthermore you can see this as something you can see as the first fortification of Utrecht. Off course military was involved at earlier times but this first fortification gives us a real starting point. In 1122, Utrecht got its city rights which made them able to fortify the city. The citizens were at that time allowed to make a city wall, which they also constructed. Because the Bishop lived in Utrecht, there also was a lot of protection for him because everyone in Utrecht knew that there always was a nearing threat from the north. In the 12th and 13th century there was a civil war between the pro-gelre and the pro-holland citizens. The city guards always tried to keep it under control. This however didn’t always work the way they wanted to. From 1304-1528 the ‘gilden’ ruled the city of Utrecht. This was fine with most of the people and the local authorities. In 1617 the contra-remonstrants threatened the city of Utrecht. As a reaction to this the e close to the sheer size of the French army. When the French left, they kidnapped 20 important persons for the ruling of Utrecht and they destroyed Utrecht its dikes. Utrecht however recovered and continued its economy again. In the year 1786 patriots took over the townhouse and demanded a democratic system which they also got later on. A few months later there was a battle between the Utrecht patriots and the city soldiers. The Utrecht patriots won and governed the city for another 5 months. After those 5 months however, an army of 25,000 Prussian troops marched into Utrecht taking over the city completely. The once so brave patriots fled and the city counsil was restored in its original position.


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