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The Route

This site is all about a historical walk through the city of Utrecht. There are different historical places on Politics and Military in Utrecht. Here are the ones you can visit:


  • Centraal Militair Hospitaal
This is the hospital, where militarists are cured, controlled and other physical tests. Off course, it’s also a normal hospital. 109 Militarists and 198 “normal” doctors and nurses are working there. It’s owned by the government.
  • Weerdpoort
The Weerdpoort used to be a medieval city-entrance at the end of the Oude Gracht. There is a bridge between the “continent” and the medieval city of Utrecht. On one side, there is a small tower and on the other side of the bridge is a stairs, which leads you to a small “basement”.
  • Het bolwerk
Het bolwerk is a modern building. That building is build on top of a former city wall. That city wall, originally build in the 16th century, has been renovated and a highly modern building is build on top of this wall.
  • Stadhuis
This is the town hall, which was made in 1830 and extended in 1934. The town hall lies among the Oude Gracht.
  • Domtoren
The domtoren is the highest building in Utrecht (112,32 meters). It was build in 1254, but it took a long time to finish it. It took so long to finish it, that the middle part of this church was build of wood. But because of this, a tornado destroyed the middle part of this building, so the Domplein (square) existed.
You can go all the way up this building and take a look at the city of Utrecht, but you have to pay a ticket, and you’ll be guided to the top.
  • Sint-Maartenskerk
This is the other part of the Domtoren, which was not build of wood, so was still standing after the Tornado.
  • Zeven Steegjes
This is an area of houses among the Oude Gracht. The houses are very popular by people in Holland, because of its historical value (build in 1842, by the Catholic Church). These are small houses in the medieval centre of Utrecht.
  • Oude Gracht
This is the most famous town-canal in Utrecht. Almost alll the important (historical) buildings in Utrecht are standing among the Oude Gracht. A lot of trading must have been done on this canal, looking at the site situation of this canal. Nowadays it’s popular by tourists who are guided on a boat in this part of Utrecht.
  • Nieuwe Gracht
The Nieuwe gracht was not as important as the Oude gracht in the past. It was mainly used by the fire brigade and as a sewage system. But now it’s is also popular by tourist on a boat.

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